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– Ready to Read for pre-school, kindergarten and special education.

The perfect method to teach reading in a unique way preventing dyslexia difficulties using a symbol language.

Teaches the reading technique by using symbols, which introduce all of the letters and their sounds. The learner decodes the symbols and then the letters and converts them into sounds and immediately connects them into units of sounds i.e. syllables.

A collection of three books that guarantee students will learn to read English in a fast and engaging way.


SoftRead consists of one book, designed for beginners, age 7 to 8+ including adults. The perfect method to teach reading in a unique way preventing dyslexia difficulties using a symbol language.

The activities presented in this book are more suitable for older students. The book offers stickers instead of “cut and paste” activities and the phonetic dictations are in “real” writing.


the reading/writing patterns

Introduces and explains most of the reading/writing patterns in a logical and friendly way and practices them through varied activities such as circling, highlighting, completing and copying to ensure fluent reading and correct spelling.

Number Puzzle Memory Game

This is our latest released game!

A fun and interactive way of learning the numbers and the animals! And singular and plural forms of the words (like mice and sheep)

The first step to teaching and learning simple mathematic operations such as addition and multiplication y every language!

Numbers from 1 to 20 accompanied by hand-drawn pictures of animals.



Ready to Read a two- level game

Introduces each letter (including two-letter combinations) and its sound by three cards: a letter/s with two different pictures representing its opening sound.

SoftRead is a great pre-reading game, which supports our YoungSoftRead book. It trains Phonological awareness, opening sounds of the pictures and their corresponding letters.

All letters including sh, ch, th, qu and the variations of c, g and th are included.


Threesome Vocabulary Memory Games

based on children’s natural language development.

challenging and exciting social games
colors | animals | nouns | verbs | adjectives

Offer 3 levels:

  • Level one – picture – picture match
  • Level two – picture – written word/ letter match
  • Level three – matching of two pictures and a one written word

with additional exciting activities like blocking and swapping

That´s it!

Rummy Style Game

Aimed at older children and adults.

Designed to practice reading and pronunciation. Fun and dynamic rules to keep everyone hooked on.

By combining pictures with their written word, players have to make sets and try to be left with no card in their hands. This is a highly dynamic game which helps practice vocabulary as well as concentration and memory.